Who are we ?

Protective cap specialist and manufacturer

Founded in 1993, Surflex by Victoire et compagnie has become, through its experience, an expert in the design of bump caps. Our products are certified by the French standard EN-812 in order to guarantee the safety of its wearers.

Since its creation, the Surflex anti-bump safety cap has been able to reinvent itself thanks to the innovations and the research and development put in place.

Security expert

Surflex protection has chosen to position itself as a specialist in head protectionwith its bump caps. Available in several models, each product line has been developed and created in order to meet the different needs of our customers.

According to article L4121-1 of the Labor Code Law, employers must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and physical and mental health of workers. Our core business is to ensure that the products are qualitative, aesthetic and safe.

International market

Surflex markets its products all over the world: Europe, Asia, America. Our customers are resellers or distributors from the automotive, aeronautics, logistics, energy and transport sectors.

Our strength lies in the responsiveness and quality of our products and services.We make sure to have as pleasant a customer experience as possible. We offer our customers to order our products from our stocks available in Europe in order to deliver instantly once the order has been confirmed.

Product quality

Our very strict process allows us to obtain the satisfaction of our customers, which is our main concern. We invest in order to work with the best suppliers and subcontractors on the market. Indeed, we have worked with some of them for almost 20 years and it is this trustthat has enabled us to innovate and maximize the quality of our products.

We force ourselves to combine quality and efficiency on a daily basis in order to better serve our customers.

Expert know-how for 27 years

For more than
27 ans, we are the safety cap specialists.

Today, thanks to the selection of our suppliers with whom we have worked for many years, we have succeeded in establishing a real bond of trust with them.. We manage to reconcile efficiency and reactivityin order to produce a quality product for our customers.

Our products are carefully designated in France by our team of designers who study every detail from the shell to the cap. We want our safety caps to be aesthetic while keeping their main characteristic: safety

Our values

Our team

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